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Chang Jeong

Chang Jeong

Doctor in Chinese Medicine (Herbalist and Acupuncturist)

About Chang Jeong

Dr Chang Sup Jeong is a registered Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner & Acupuncturist.
He studied for 5 years for his Bachelor degree, 3 years for his Masters of Clinical Medicine and 4 years for his Doctoral degree of Medical Science.
He researched the clinical application of Si-Shen-Chong acupuncture in chronic diseases and the Fujian Tablet intervention mechanism for Alzheimer’s.
He has a clinical practice career spanning over 20 years and also supervises Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) students for RMIT University.
He has researched and applied modernised, visualised TCM diagnosis systems for 20+ years.
He has developed and trademarked natural herbal skin care cream based on the ancient Empress face skin care formula.